Hi guys and thank you for reading this post and any other posts I have published! I am truly grateful and I hope I am helping you. In the last post I wrote about the concious and subconscious minds and in this post I am going to write about Fear!

Most people don’t chase their dreams or do something they are passionate about because of fear. The fear of failure, the fear of what other people think etc. Zig Ziglar said it best for me when he said FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real. You see, our subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between what actually happens in real time (reality) and what could happen (imagination, visions) so fear starts with a thought. What if I fail? What if I embarrass myself? Just like I wrote about in the previous post. Your fear starts with a thought and then your subconscious mind accepts that thought. The more you think about it, the more your affirming to your subconscious mind that you’re scared and this fear will become bigger and more powerful the more you think about it. That fear will start growing roots in your subconscious mind. I’d like you to think about something during your life that you were scared of and tell me if you think this is true? Really think about it. I didn’t go back and work as an Electrician because of Fear and it took me 5 years to say enough is enough. Because I then started to feel that it was the feeling of regret that would have been even more painful later in life if I didn’t do it. If you think about it, who cares what other people think of you because they will give it a quick thought and then go back to live their own life and you have not chased your dream because of what you think other people might think of you. What they think has absolutely no impact on what you do in your life unless you let it. Another great quote I find helpful is from Les Brown. “Don’t let other people’s opinions of you become your reality.” So my advice is don’t worry about what other people think of you.

I’m not saying it is easy because I can tell you from my own experiences that it is hard to overcome fear. I still struggle to this day and probably will for the rest of my life. And that’s ok because I am working on myself and growing as a person. Everyone is a work in progress. Everyone has a fear of something. I don’t know where I learnt this quote but “Feel the fear and do it anyway” is very helpful is summing up what I’m saying. I believe that is the best way to conquer fear. Do it before you think about it too much and it starts growing roots in your subconscious. Now, if you thought about a time in your life when you were scared of something and realised that the more you thought about it, the more it sunk into your subconscious mind and the harder it was to work through. This is the exactly what I was saying in my previous blog. If you do something on a daily basis, over a period of 90 days straight you will start to believe it. If you have gotten to a point where there is something you are now petrified to do, write down 5 things that could happen if you did it. Starting with the very worst case scenario. Look at those 5 responses and most likely the worst thing will not happen and if it does think how bad will it affect you. Then go down the list and do that with everything you wrote.

This is the crux of your fear of failure. Think about this for a moment. If you fail and never try again, then you fail. If you fail and try again then you figured out one way not to do something. The more you fail, the more you learn. Eventually you will get it right and it will pay off and you will be so proud of yourself and that feeling is amazing. If you fail and then just give up then you will eventually have the feeling of regret. Every time I have to do something I’m scared of I always ask those two questions; what will I learn if I fail? What will I feel if I just give up. Just remember this, do what is hard now so later in life it’s easier or better or you yourself are a better person for it. Most people do what is easy. The safe route. Then later in life it’s hard. “If you don’t fail. Your not even trying. To get something you’ve never had. You have to do something you’ve never done.” – Denzel Washington.

Please try to remember that quote. “Feel the fear and do it anyway.” Another thing to remember is your WHY!! Remember why your doing what your doing if fear is holding you back.

I hope this has helped you with something you’re scared about doing. Thank you again for reading this blog. Thank you again!

83 thoughts on “FEAR!!

    1. If you have a lot of worries in your life. I highly recommend getting that book. Wether you click the link or get it through another way. It’s a great book. It’s called how to stop worrying and start living by Dale Carnegie


    1. Yes I agree totally with you. Courage is feeling the fear and still doing it. I think a lot of people get it mixed up and think people with a lot of courage are not afraid. They are afraid. They just do it in the face of the fear regardless


  1. Hi, Jamie. Thanks so much for following The Write Edge. I hope you find the posts there interesting and informative.

    Thank you, too, for being willing to share your life journey for the benefit of others. I wish you all the best in your writing.


    1. Thank you very much. I really appreciate the support. I’m sure if what I’m sharing has helped me then it can also help others so it would just be selfish of me to keep it to myself. Thank again for the support


  2. Thank you to all of my followers. If you would like to ask me any questions in private. You can find me on Facebook by searching Jamie Recycle. I will accept your friend request and answer any questions you may have


  3. Everyday failures can and should be looked on as a chance to learn something about ourselves. Anyway, Thanks for the “follow.” Barking shall always endeavor to inform, anger – and amuse. continue……

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  4. I have the book, Feel the Fear and do it Anyway, by Susan Jeffers, on my bookshelf. It’s a great book and a powerful philosophy to live by. Another great post Jamie.

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  5. “Feel the fear and do it anyway”- yes, I can see the point. But better to flip the fear coin. The other side of it says, “Fear not! Have FAITH!” Step out with confidence! Have a Terrific Tuesday!

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  6. It certainly is!! I feel like a completely different person. The beauty of it is anyone can do it if they want to. It’s so much better like this. That’s why I’m trying to help. If I can


  7. Great post and advice. Feel the fear and do it anyway, is a book title by Susan Jeffers. It is great book to read. And it is all about self talk. And you are right we all wip. Once we get over one fear, another fear comes. Susan Jeffers talks about affirmation. I read this book years back. Since trying affirmations and rewiring the subconscious mind and brain, with I am statements I am much better with fear and a whole host other negative feelings.

    Thank you for the follow. You have a great blog here.

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  8. First of all, thank you for following me! Secondly, I love how positive your blog is! I truly believe that bad experiences really do have the power to make us greater people. Something I do to tackle my fear – if I am nervous about doing something, I tell myself that that’s even more of a reason to do it. I like to see it as a challenge – it’s either moving on up or moving back down, and if I had a choice, it would always be moving up 🙂

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  9. Hi there Jamie, just want to thank you for sharing this inspiring post. And for following my blog as well, I’m glad you did because it led me here, to your wonderful blog. Agreeing with Vincent, you did make some very unique points about fear. Especially the one about feeling the fear but doing it anyway. I think that’s the sort of thing that builds character and strengthens the mind. It certainly reminds me of my fear of cold showers, which somehow I still haven’t gotten over. But even during winter, I Feel the fear and do it anyway

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    1. Wow Lazarus!! Thank you so much. I don’t know where I heard that saying but when I did it stayed with me. Now you’ve challenged me to have a cold shower. Now talk about fear lol. I’m in Australia and it’s slowly starting to get abit colder so it will be a bit harder but I also heard that if you have a cold shower first thing in the morning it shocks your body and when you have a negative mindset some days you can also you that technique which apparently shocks you and you can instantly change your state of mind. Thank you for your comment. That was awesome.

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      1. Don’t even mention it man, its a pleasure for me to follow positive people such as yourself. I never heard (or read) about the saying before today, i usually just tell myself that ‘It is when you are most scared, that you should act against your fear.’ I am glad to have challenged you with taking cold showers. For me, i find that cold showers (and heights) are just about my biggest fears. So if i take my cold shower in the morning, then all the other smaller fears in between (such as introducing myself to beautiful ladies) don’t stand a chance against my courage. The technique is pretty powerful indeed, once mastered you will be unstoppable in the art of facing your fears. But I wont lie though, sometimes i still chicken out of taking cold showers

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      2. I don’t blame you. They sound scary to take cold showers but I’m going to give it a go next time I have a lot of negative energy flowing and see what happens. I am infatuated with learning so if it works I’ll make sure that I will share the idea. And thanks for the idea and I accept the challenge even though you didn’t challenge me lol. It’s been a please chatting to you Lazarus


  10. I have lived a fairly long life and have learned to not stress about what others think of me. Ihave also learned to accept physical limitations- for example, my relatively short legs preclude ever doing parkour-especially at the age of 69. There are vast possibilities yet in store for me, though, and fear is in relatively short supply.

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    1. Thank you Pete. I’m no expert but just trying to share what I’ve learnt on my journey but yes you are completely right. Step into the fear and then it becomes exciting because it’s new.

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      1. Thank you Kate. I’m just trying to figure out a tumblr account now so I can share on there too lol. I’m slowly getting there. Thanks for your support Kate

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