Delayed Gratification

Hi guys! I hope you’re well and thank you for all the follows and nice comments. Today I’m going to talk about something that I was very bad at for 37 years and have now worked very hard on and dramatically improved and it’s really starting to pay off and that is Delayed Gratification.

For my whole life I have always done things that make me feel good or better in the moment. For example, comfort eating pizza instead of a healthy dinner. I put on alot of weight over the years and the reason I did was because of the instant gratification I was getting while eating that pizza or having that beer or eating McDonald’s.

I’ve read a lot of self help books and a lot of them talk about delayed gratification. For example if I eat the healthy dinner it won’t make me lose weight tomorrow. However if I eat that healthy dinner and do just 30 mins exercise everyday then I see great results in 6 months time. In this example (of eating) I look at eating healthily as an investment in my health and well being with the occasional treats so I don’t feel deprived and can continue to do well.

I always thought, “Ahh! Who cares? It’s going to take forever to get there.” Now I think 6 months will come and go anyway and if I just do what these books say then I will look and feel so much better than I do now. Thank God I read them because I have lost about 20 kgs and now feel amazing.

If I kept going down that instant gratification path then I would have ended up with an extra 10 kgs on top of what I already weighed which was a very unhealthy number and I was very depressed. By using the delayed gratification method, I elevated my self-esteem. I started to walk differently, talk differently and felt more confident and just healthier.

If you’re doing things that make you feel good in the moment but you know deep down that they are not good for you, then I highly recommend trying this method. Just understand that the 6 months will pass by anyway and if you stick by the method then you will thank yourself later for it. I did it and can tell you it’s so worth it. The difference you feel is amazing.

I thought “I’ll do it tomorrow.” Then tomorrow came and I thought “I’ll get started tomorrow” and on and on until one day I just thought, “I’ve had it. I’m finally just going to do this.” Please guys, if you actually start tomorrow and set up a plan to keep yourself busy and do what works for you and eat the healthy food, drink the water instead of beer, go for a walk instead of watching a TV show, then you will begin to feel amazing. Maybe sacrifice that coffee or snack in the morning and save that money for 6 months and buy yourself a real reward; something you’ve wanted for ages or just save the money and watch it grow – whatever works for you – this could even serve as a great motivator for you.

I’m not saying it’s easy to do. In fact it’s hard but the hardest things to do are often the best things for you. Now I live by this motto, it came from Les Brown, a motivational speaker: “Do what is hard today so tomorrow will be easier.” In other words, if I spend this decade doing the things I’ve always considered hard then next decade will be easier. It is so true but for so many so misunderstood,
including myself. I knew it deep down but never really thought about it properly,
nor did I have the discipline to do it.

In a later blog I will talk about discipline because it’s something I never had and now I have worked on it and have learnt how to apply it to my life. I know for a fact there are people out there that struggle with discipline like I did. The beauty of it is you can become more disciplined and I will explain how I did in a later blog. Hopefully it can help you.

I always went on diet after diet and lost weight then put it back on. This cycle went on for years; the typical yo-yo dieter. Since learning to apply discipline to my life with delayed gratification this is the longest I’ve kept the weight off. Bob Proctor said, “Stop thinking diet or losing weight.” These are his words and I’d like your thoughts on it because it makes sense to me. He said, “If you lose something, we are programmed to look for it. See yourself at the weight you want to be, feeling good and feeling amazing.”
He said to do this daily and you will soon “start acting like that person and you will end up being at that weight”. That’s what I did and I didn’t even know I had done that until I heard him say it.

My Blog is called Recycle Your Pain. I believe if you’ve been through massive pain in your life,
you can harness that pain and use that energy to better yourself and if you read my blogs and take some things out of them that work for you then you will be a lot happier down the track in 6 months. In fact, try some of my techniques for 90 days straight and you will feel amazing. I’ve been there with the pain and trauma. I still have it, but I use it to fuel me differently now. It’s so much better on this side of the pain guys. I am no expert on anything that I talk about in my blogs, I’m talking from personal experience, I’m telling you what I’ve been through and how it helped me. I really hope deep down that what I say can also help you.

I’d really like to thank you for reading my blogs and if any of them have helped you in any way at all then I am truly happy for you. I wouldn’t be writing these blogs if I didn’t think they could help and I’m truly grateful for your time.


23 thoughts on “Delayed Gratification

  1. I really like the “6 months will pass anyway, so might as well do something with it” idea here! You’re absolutely right 😄

    Thanks for sharing, this was a great read!

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  2. Hello Jamie. This is such excellent advice and a great exercise in self-control. Congratulations to you for persevering and achieving your goal. It’s inspiring! Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog! I look forward to reading more of your posts!

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    1. Thank you Potential Doctor. Or should I call you Doc. Because I see in your first blog you were thinking about it and last month you finished your schooling. Congratulations. That is amazing. I’m sure you feel amazing. Thank you for your wonderful comment. I really appreciate it so much

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      1. You’re very welcome Jamie! And thank you so much for your encouragement! It is much appreciated! Definitely feels wonderful to have finished after a long journey! There is still so much more to learn of course but I’m happy to be progressing! I wish you a wonderful day!

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    2. By the way. You have really inspired me too. What a great blog how you shared your journey. I will go back and have a look at some of your blogs to see some of your challenges and you persisted. Thank you. You have literally really inspired me.

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  3. Now, this is what I needed to read this morning 😃

    You are right Jamie.

    I always find myself saying “tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow “ but that tomorrow is always today!

    And I agree with your point of doing the hard things now, so that later on, it will get easier.

    Work hard now, make your future easier to live.

    This is a very insightful post. I really appreciate your efforts at this one

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    1. Thank you Vincent. I really appreciate the nice comments mate. I said tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow for a long long time. But it is well worth it in 6 months if you do actually start tomorrow. Or like you said. Even better today. Thanks a lot Vincent😀

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