The Law Of Compensation

Thank you for reading all my previous posts guys and thank you for following me. As you have read, I am studying some of the Universal Laws and will be sharing what I’ve learnt in upcoming posts.

Today I’m going to post about the Law Of Compensation. This Law is the same with every person, every time. It’s like the law of gravity. In fact all these laws I write about are all Laws of the Universe and they work for every person, every time.

The Law Of Compensation states 3 points. The amount of money you earn. Is always in direct ratio too:

  • 1. The need for what you do
  • 2. Your Ability to do it.
  • 3. The difficulty there is in replacing you.

Let’s break this down.

1. The need for what you do. I believe there is a need for what you do. What you do in your day jobs is a need. That’s why you have the job. For example, I’m an electrician. There is a need for electricians. Now some jobs pay more than other jobs based on the need for what the job requires. For example. If you work as a general labourer you will get paid a lot less than what a doctor would. As there are more people that can be a labourer than there are people that can be doctors. These are just examples.

2. Your Ability to do it. Most people learn how to do a job, then get comfortable and don’t improve from there. Earl Nightingale said “if you study 1 extra hour in your chosen field within 3 years you will be at the top of your field. In 5 years you will be a national Expert.

3. So point 2 takes care of point 3. Because if you are at the top of your field or become a national expert. You will become very hard to replace. Unless you don’t improve and then you will be easier to replace.

Think about the professional basketball player. See there are the players that are just good enough to make it. They get paid well as there is a greater need for what they do because people love watching basketball. However they can be replaced easier than a player like Michael Jordan. Now think of a player like Michael Jordan. He gets paid millions more than the average basketball player because he kept improving. He did more training than the average player did. Therefore got paid extremely well and was very hard to replace.

Let’s look at it another way, your a general labourer. There isn’t a great need for general labourers as more people can do it. There’s a need for that job but not a great need. your not the best labourer in fact your quite lazy and you don’t improve with learning. Then you will be very easy to replace.

Let’s flip that around again. Your a general labourer. You work for 5 different jobs over the next 5 years. First job, learn how to build fences. Second job, learn how to aluminium window and door frames. Third job, learn how to do flooring. Fourth job, learn how to tile roofs. Fifth job learn how to be a plaster or painter. You see then you can start a sole trailer business and with all those people you did work for in the past you can charge out a good rate and they know your a hard worker and your good at what you do. You will become valuable to all of them and you can make more money. These are just examples guys. Think outside the box.

Like I said before, I’m an electrician. I get paid more than the general labourer because there is a higher need for electricians than there are with labourers. I don’t want to be at the top of my field or an expert but I do want to get better as it’s my day job and keeps the roof over my families head and feeds them. So I do about 30 mins study per day on electrical. So everyday I’m getting a little bit better. I will be harder and harder to replace as I get better and better. Also as I get better I get more job offers and can charge a higher rate.

However I have a massive passion for helping people. I think there is a great need out the there for helping people. So that’s where I study a minimum of 1 hour per day. I’m constantly getting better and I have helped a lot of people along the way. Because later in life I want to be an expert on helping people and that’s what I want to do as a profession. I believe once I become an expert I can make 5 to 10 times the amount of money I earn as an electrician.

I’m constantly studying self help books and doing courses. I even did a life coaching course. I am not a life coach but that money I spent on that course has helped me massively. Now I have a better ability to help people. I am fascinated with helping people. The feeling I get from helping somebody is amazing. Every time I help somebody I feel more and more fulfilled.

I read somewhere that your gift will make room for you. I have a gift of care and empathy. That is my gift and that’s why I feel so good inside when I help people. I don’t get paid to help people but I believe one day when I become an expert at helping others. I will get paid to do it. Therefore very hard to replace too. In saying that. This is something I want to talk about in a later blog. Instant gratification versus delayed gratification.

So my suggestion is this. If you love your job that you already do then do an hour of study around that subject every day or every night. I suggest doing it, first thing in the morning before work as that’s when your subconscious mind is most impressionable. If you don’t like what your doing then change the course of your life. Think about what you would love to do. Try to get a job doing that and if you can’t yet then do some courses and study an hour per day on that subject and in time you will find yourself doing what you love.

In fact if you were to do that. In a few months of working towards your intended dream job or business or whatever you’d love to do. Then you will start feeling amazing inside because your growing and working towards something that means a lot to you and you will start feeling amazing. Then those dreaded Sunday Nights before going to work on Monday will not be as bad.

Thank you again for reading my post. I am very grateful and I hope you’ve learnt something from this post. Feel free to leave any comments or questions below and I will do my best to answer you. Thank you.


13 thoughts on “The Law Of Compensation

  1. Guys I want to make it clear. I am not an expert on what I have written in this blog. I am purely just sharing what I have learnt. My blogs are to try to help people that are into self help and motivation as that’s what I love and what I love to share and I’m just trying to help by sharing the knowledge of what I have learnt. Also I’m not a writer so if I say the wrong thing. Please try to see the bigger message from the whole blog rather than the one thing I may have said wrong. I’m learning as I go and trying to get better with each blog. I also know I cannot keep everyone happy. I’m just doing my best to help.


  2. Dear Jamie, most people work at a job for the pay and are content to be able to tolerate their work. What is amazing is when people choose to be happy in life. Sadly millions of people earn less than $2 a day in the world and struggle with health, food, as all their effort is spent just staying alive. Awareness of this I hope will cause the world to give these people the boost to rise up and improve their lives, but first they need that boost. I discovered this accidentally when I someone gave me a bracelet from an organization called Beads for Life.

    I think it is amazing that you have a vision of where you want to go, and what career will make you happiest. I sincerely wish you success because loving what you do for a career is very special. – David

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    1. Thanks David. I am just passing on what I’ve learnt from this law. Used an example of where I was in my life at one point and where I am now and the difference between me and a basketball player. The whole point of my blogs is to explain how I recycled my pain from the very first blog and how others can too.


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