120 Day Discipline challenge

Hi guys and thank you for all your support, it’s very much appreciated. I hope you’re enjoying my blogs on how I’ve turned my life around and hopefully I’m helping others to turn their lives around too. Today I’m going to talk about discipline and how I went from having little to no discipline to being very disciplined. Now I have amazing self esteem and self confidence just by following this strategy that I would love to share with you guys.

From the age of 15 until I was 37, I had very little to no discipline at all. I read somewhere that discipline is like a muscle that you can make stronger with practise.

Like building a muscle at the gym lifting weights with one arm and not the other, in time you will have one arm bigger and stronger than the other. The same principle applies to discipline. You can grow your discipline muscle. For me it started with the snooze button.

I used to push snooze 3 to 4 times per morning just to scrape out of bed until I heard a lady say that when your alarm goes off to count backwards from 5 to 1 then get out of bed before you reach 1. By doing this you’re taking your mind off the warmth and comfort you feel in bed and you just get up without thinking about it too much. Our brains are programmed to stay comfortable, so when you practise the uncomfortable repetitively you will become more disciplined. These are simple steps we can all take to grow our discipline.

Now the security and warmth of our bed is very hard to get out of – especially on those cold winter mornings! So for 30 days I challenged myself to do this every morning without missing a day. Now I can do it without counting backwards. The lady that said to try this method is Mel Robbins. She is a great speaker and my wife loves her after I showed her speaking on YouTube. Everyone can learn a lot from this lady.

Doing this first thing in the morning will set yourself up to be more disciplined throughout the day too and the more you do it, the more disciplined you will become. I then gave myself my next 30 day challenge and that was to walk for 40 minutes straight after work. The first time you get home you’re tired and just want to shower or chill out. But I persevered. Before having a shower I got changed and went for my walk listening to motivational videos on YouTube for 30 days straight. Now I do it easily and actually feel a sense of guilt if I don’t do it. So I’m actually programmed to do it now so it’s easy and enjoyable for me.

Then my next challenge was to stretch at home and go for a 20 minute run. Just a slow run, but do it without stopping. Again, at first, it was difficult but after 30 days I do it easily now. You can also run for 5 mins and stop for a walk then repeat the process until you can run the full 20 minutes. Your also building up your fitness. Do not be too hard on yourself at first. Just ease in and after a while you will be able to do it without stopping.

I then did a 30 minute, 30 day gym session and again, I feel very uncomfortable if I miss a day. I’ve programmed myself to do these things and these little changes have changed my life. That is 120 days and I now wake without snoozing and I’m walking, running and going to the gym everyday.

By doing this not only did I gain and strengthen my discipline but I noticed my self esteem improved and I started to love the man in the mirror. Before that, I hated the man in the mirror. I feel I need to share this because this technique is simple and easy to do if you just make a decision and challenge yourself. This stuff changed my life so I feel I’d be doing an injustice if I didn’t share it.

The same 30 days that I got out of bed without hitting snooze I also challenged myself to read for about 30 minutes before work. I got my reading done in the early morning while my subconscious mind was most impressionable. I have now read about 50 self Help and personal growth books in the past 2 years. Before that I had read 1 and nearly finished a second book in 20 years after finishing high school. 20 years almost 2 books. And now 50 books in 2 years just by reading a minimum of 30 mins per day. I can’t believe that tiny little change of just 30 minutes reading each day would make such a difference and I now have so much to share with my friends and followers.

If you have no discipline please try the 120 day challenge for yourself and see how your discipline and self esteem grow and you will thank yourself for trying it! Don’t do things that are too hard to start with, start small. Do things you can accomplish but do them daily for 30 days and you will see that you will most likely want to continue after the 30 days. By doing something good for yourself for 30 days straight you’re creating new healthy habits. In 120 days which is 4 months you can literally start to love yourself and be very proud of yourself and then you can find something else to add to your challenge.

I now have added to my 30 day challenge a free online short courses on YouTube. The one I’m doing now is called Buffetts books and I do this for 30 mins in the evening. I’m learning how Warren Buffett invests. This course is giving me all the tools I need to read the “Intelligent Investor” book by Benjamin Graeme. I tried reading that book but had no idea what they were saying so this course helped me massively so that I can understand what I’m reading.

I learned that there are 3 ways to earn money. One is to trade time for money, the other is to invest and the other is to set up multiple sources of income and setting up multiple sources of income is the one that the 1 percent of the richest people use. They multiply their time by creating multiple sources of income.

So, if you’re in a period of your life where you feel broken, please, I’m begging, try these simple tips and in 120 days you could feel yourself wanting to explode with happiness. While you can change everything on the outside, you will never get to being the happiest you can be unless you change from the inside. I was there. Broken. I felt useless and I hated myself.

Now I feel alive and amazing and I want you to feel that way too. I did this and I know you can too. Baby steps. Start with the snooze. Add in your walk, add in your run then add your gym session. Or whatever works for you, it can be anything that you think will improve your life. It may not be the same things that worked for me but find 5 things you need to do to improve your discipline. It’s so much better on this side of hating yourself. It’s a beautiful way to live. Please guys, give it a go. If it doesn’t work you can always go back to doing what you were doing beforehand, but I really believe from the bottom of my heart that you can be happy on the inside and that’s the most important thing I have learnt and how I got happy again. I’m so much of a better father now than I ever was and that’s the most important thing to me.

In my next blog I will explain more about what I’ve learnt about the 3 ways to earn money and how the rich do it and what I’ve started to do. It’s not as hard as we think it is.

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart to all you guys that follow my blog. I am truly grateful for all of your support and I hope that these little challenges help you in a way you thought was impossible. It’s so much sweeter on this side guys. Take care and stay safe! Please feel free to post any comments or questions below and I will get back to you when I can. Thank you 😊


25 thoughts on “120 Day Discipline challenge

  1. Your experiences added a nice touch to this.

    I’ve shared mine in my own writing as well, specially as I’ve challenged myself to run marathons and other physical challenges, including mental (rapid skill acquisition and complex subject learning).

    It’s amazing the insights obtained when you have, what I call, a “lean-in” mentality 🤔

    This is one of many big ideas I’ve explored in my writing.

    Writing makes for the best reflection, and struggle encourages meaning to be derived.

    Suffering ceases to be suffering once meaning is applied.
    Another core idea I explore a lot 😄

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  2. I really appreciate the fact that you shared your experiences.

    I will try all my possible best to do the challenge. Since it worked for you, it will definitely work for me if I put in the determination.

    Thanks so much for this Jamie. I also want to be really really happy from within. And thanks to you, I’ve found a good way to do that. ✨

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    1. Your welcome Vincent. It really did work for me so I just had to share it. And I also found out it’s called habit stacking. Start with one. Get through the 30 days then add another one so we don’t get overwhelmed and in 120 days you have created 4 very healthy habits and you will notice if you don’t do them you won’t feel right. It’s a great lesson I learnt and I know if it helped me. It can help other people too. Thanks for your support Vincent

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      1. I just stumbled on the website of Neil Patel.

        I saw somethings of interest and I think I’m going to try them out.

        It’s just about keywords research and SEO.

        Then about the digital marketing, I’m also trying to improve my skills on it! I’m taking it slow and steady so that it sinks in!😃

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      2. That’s great Vincent. I’ve finally got my first affiliate link up and it’s working. Now I need to figure out how I can do some book reviews on the books that have helped me and post some links on here. I think I need to upgrade to the business plan to do it but I’m not sure. I’ll have to do some research into it


      3. I’m learning affiliate marketing and I’m getting frustrated because I’ve leaned how to post links and then shorten them. Then I got my wife to click on the link and buy the book to see if it worked and it says 48 clicks 0 transactions. So I’m confused. I’ll figure it out and when I do I’ll let you know.

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  3. Thank you for sharing the process you used to achieve productivity and overcome procrastinating. I agree, life is in the now, taking little progressive actions in the present moment slowly building momentum and achieving many goals overtime.

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    1. One small step at a time.
      So useful that it can’t be overlooked!

      Unfortunately, the ego has a knack for convincing you that you can skip steps. “I’m special” is a silent killer 🤔

      I love writing about this sort of stuff, so much insight and reflection 😄

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