Hi I’m Jamie, I want to talk a bit about myself and the the power you can get from recycling your pain or trauma. I’ve had two extremely traumatic events happen in my life. The first one was 16 years ago. That trauma was finding out my son had cerebral palsy. Now if my son reads this I want him to know that the depression I had through this time was not his fault. It was because I wished I could have his disability; for me to have it instead. I actually remember getting off the bus after work one day and I looked up to the sky and said “God please take his disability away from him and give it to me instead.” It got me into a massive depression and I had 16 years of losing jobs. Being stuck in bed for weeks at a time and it broke me. I felt so down I didn’t want to live anymore at times. And yes I contemplated taking my life many times. As time went on it got a bit easier to deal with and then I started feeling better. Then I had another traumatic event that literally broke me in a way that I can’t explain. My daughter was diagnosed with severe Level 3 Autism, completely non-verbal. I then became homeless and three days after I felt that pain, I had this feeling in my gut that I cannot explain. I think it was a higher power telling me to get up. That day was June 15 2018. That day I turned my pain into this extreme determination to transform my life. Since then I went from homeless and back to winning my family back; my wife and daughter. At the time I was doing a job I hated, it was minimum wage and I was always broke. I am a qualified electrician and had left the industry for five years. Using the power of that pain I made a DECISION to go back and work as an Electrician. Before that I always wanted to do that but was too petrified to do it. After making that decision I found a job as an electrician, failed straight away and felt down for a few days. Then I thought of WHY I was doing this and tried again and have successfully worked as an electrician since then and now I feel very comfortable working as an electrician. In later blogs I want to explain the power of your WHY. I will post more blogs around this subject as I genuinely want to help as many people as I can to recycle their pain and harness it to take them to a level in their life where they feel amazing again. I see so much pain out there and I want to help. If I can help even one person from my blogs then I will be very happy. I also want to note that I’ve never written anything before, blogs included so this is a first for me so please bare with me as I will not be the most professional blogger. I’ll always speak from my heart. Take care for now and I hope you read my next blog.


30 thoughts on “RECYCLE YOUR PAIN

  1. Thank you to all of my followers. If you would like to ask me any questions in private. You can find me on Facebook by searching Jamie Recycle. I will accept your friend request and answer any questions you may have


  2. Watching your child suffer is SO hard. I know the feeling of wanting to trade places. My daughter had debilitating migraines form the time she was four years old, which stole a lot of her childhood. But she is a strong young lady now, a very successful massage therapist. I know it gives her great satisfaction to help others get past their pain and I know her own pain has had a lot to do with her compassion for others.

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  3. Well done for recycling your pain, for not letting life drown you, for getting thought it all. What a story. But as you say you really are stronger for it. You blog title is so apt. Recycle your pain.

    My life has not been as bad as yours. but it has not been a bed of Rose’s either. I have learnt the best life lessons during the pain and working through that pain. It has made me stronger. But I am still a wip.

    Another great post.

    You followed me which lead me to your fabulous blog.

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  4. Your journey sounds inspiring. Its interesting how hardship can be used as a source of creativity, inspiration and help for ourselves and others. I really relate to wanting to help as many people as I can and empathize with peoples pain. People are in a lot of pain and really need help and support.

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    1. Thanks Christina. I remember when I was at rock bottom and wished I had someone to help me. Now that I feel amazing and still have the same challenges. I want to share with people how I did it. I love your work and will be following closely. So thank you Christina


    2. My problem is I’m set up and putting out content but I want to improve my site. Do you have any recommendations on how to make it better. I’m currently using the free plan. I’m assuming I need to upgrade. Is that what you think I need to do?


      1. it depends what you’re looking for and how you want your website to look like. It can be a little overwhelming… theres a lot. but you can play with it, add on pages to your website. Like home, blog, about. research and look at other peoples websites to get ideas. At first you don’t need to upgrade just yet. upgrading brings you more features and options. I updated much later on when i learned how to manage my pages. You go to customize.

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      2. Thank you so much for taking the time to explain that Christina. I really appreciate your help. Another person I spoke to said to add photos into my posts as well. Which is great but I didn’t think of that so I take on all opinions to improve. So thank you again Christina😀

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  5. I totally understand your point Jamie.

    You are right. Things happen to the people we love, and we wish it happened to us instead. We can’t bear seeing our loved ones in pain.

    But at the end, how we become and turn out to be is what makes us the superheroes.

    You harnessed your pain and channeled it into something that moulded you into a stronger being. That’s what makes you the hero Jamie.

    You recycled hurtful emotions into positivity and that’s something I will definitely do.

    Your post just gave me an insight and I’m happy to come by this today 💐💐

    Looking forward to more of your posts. You are doing a great work on your blog and I’m honored to be here. 🙏

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    1. Thank you so much Vincent. If I’ve helped you already, I feel shivers down my back. That is the point. I’ve never done anything like this before and I just really want to help people and I believe I can. Thank so much😊👍

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