The Law of Increase

Hi, thank you so much for reading this blog and my previous blogs, I am very grateful. A lot of people now know about the Law Of Attraction but there are many other laws and the one I want to talk about today is the Law of Increase.

The Law of Increase is based on gratitude and praise. I believe we all want to increase our health, wealth, love for others and many more things. To do this we need to be grateful and praise. See the more we are grateful, the more we will have to be grateful for.

I remember playing football and I had a coach that used to yell at me and run me down all the time to the point I wanted to quit and walk away. I hated playing for that coach. I tried my hardest for that coach and I had just had enough of the abuse.

I then left and found a new football club and I had a coach that praised me and congratulated me more than ever and I not only loved playing for him, I actually became a better player. See, he praised me and in turn increased my confidence and it also increased his teams performance and my own performance. I was so happy playing for him and that team.

That is one way the law of increase works but it works with everything. You see if you want your wife or husband to love you more then praise her or him. Try to find 5 things per day you can praise them for and in return you’ll get more love back. Do you know your marriage could be saved if you just did that.

Try this with your kids. Make a conscious and determined effort to find 5 things per day that they did well and tell them how proud of them you are. They will start doing more and more things that are good to make you even prouder. I know this sounds basic but it’s true. Even if your child does something and doesn’t do it well make sure to tell your child you are so proud that they tried and that they’ll get even better next time. But make sure you let them know you are extremely proud that they tried! That’s very important. That alone will make them feel good and will try to do better next time. It’s healthy for your kids to know you’re proud of their efforts and not just their results.

Always try to look for the good or positive in everything. I challenge you to do this for 30 days and see what happens. You will thank yourself later because those kids, wife or husband will start doing more and more to make you proud of them and love you so much more than you can imagine.

If you continue to do it for 90 days you will start doing it subconsciously and that comes from the heart. That’s where the true magic happens. This stuff is so basic but so misunderstood. If we are going to change habits we need to do it for 90 days straight and that creates a habit and that’s when you start doing it subconsciously and not consciously.

Especially with your kids. You will teach them good habits for when they become parents. It’s very important that we know this works. Then they will do this with their kids and wife or husband and you see we can pass on great habits for generations. This is how true change in the world can happen. By praising your family it brings happiness to them and the things they do and I can guarantee you just want your family to be happy.

You see I’ve been praised many times for my blog posts because they have helped people and it just makes me appreciate that so much that I want to give more. I want to share more. I want help more. So again, thank you so much to all my followers and people that have praised me because I’m loving what I’m doing.

From what I’ve learnt, I am always looking for the good in everything. When I see it, I praise it. I show my gratitude. I tell the person what they have done that’s good. If you put good out there, you will get good back.

Think of this for a moment. If you point out the bad in people then you’re going to get anger and resentment and people thinking bad thoughts about you. I can guarantee it. When I was at my worst that’s what I did. I was a very negative person and I lost many friends.

Since then I’ve reached out and tried to make amends and used this law and they now love me again. You can fix a bad friendship. Start to look for the good In people and then praise them. You’ll be amazed. It’s one of the laws of the universe. It happens with everything. I have leant so much in the past 2 and a half years and it has literally changed my life and I want to help you change your life too.

If you want to increase the good things in your life, then praise the good things and you will get more good things to be grateful for.

Please try this for 30 days and then if you have the time let me know how you went. I’m very interested to see if it helped you and your family or friends. Also if this has helped you then share this information with people and teach them this law. It can change their lives too. You can find me on Facebook by searching Jamie Recycle and if you ever want to chat in private send me a friend request. Thank you so much for reading this blog, I’m very grateful😀.

Since I read the book the secret and learnt about the law of attraction I have learnt there are many other laws that I have been studying and I will be sharing these laws as I go. They have changed my life for the better and if they can help me, I’m sure they can help you. So thank you in advance for reading my blogs. Also I now have over 400 followers so I would like to thank each and every one of you for reading my blogs and commenting and I have learnt a lot from you guys too. So thank you 😊.

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This info is in case you would like to follow me there or ask me questions in private.

Thank you so much again guys 😀


38 thoughts on “The Law of Increase

    1. Thank you Cherie! I think it’s important to get grateful every morning. I’ve also been told it’s good to count your blessings before you go to bed too. Thanks for your comment

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  1. Offering genuine praise and gratitude is FUN. There is great pleasure in making others smile! Thank YOU for becoming a follower of my blog, From the Inside Out. I pray you’ll find the posts meaningful whenever you’re able to visit!

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    1. Thank you Nancy. I’m actually getting lots of praise for this blog which is great. I’m looking forward to posting my next one. I appreciate your great comments 😀


  2. Amazing post…. Yeah its been known to find good in every thing but u emphasized it so good… That I really want to work for it….. And I remember from your coach story… That I too had one teacher that changed my life… My outlook towards the subject He taught… And only because of his praise I would be able to do… Just I want that much that I get a cent in his subject so that He’ll be happy…. As He Always wants that…

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    1. Exactly. I used my coach story because I had to find some time in my life when this happened to me so I could give an example. I’m glad it helped and thank you


  3. Totally agree with you Jamie personally believe in the law of attraction and increase as we get what we focus to be happy and successful we should see happiness in every one ….I too witnessed these laws in my life since childhood…thank you so much for sharing

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  4. I love how you emphasized that we should always point out the good in others. And we should look for something good that a person has done and praise the person for that.

    I really loved that Information. Thanks so much for sharing 🤗

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    1. Thank you Vincent! When I learnt this law it made so much sense. But I say to praise kids so they can grow up and learn to praise rather than be negative so that it passes great habits on to our next generations. I think it’s good to look for the good in everything. Thank you again aVincent

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      1. I love what you said. “It’s good to look out for the good in everything”

        You are absolutely right. And now, I think it’s time for me to have a change of behavior and a new habit to focus on

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      2. That’s great Vincent. To be honest. You are one of the most happy and positive people I have ever met. Even though it’s just online but still. You do this without even realising. I’m blown away by what you’ve done with your digital marketing work. Your an inspiration mate 😀

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      3. Thanks so much Jamie. I feel so good hearing your positive remarks.

        🙏I’m so happy that you said these lovely words. You are also an inspiration to me. That’s why your smile is my inspiration 😃

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  5. What a great post Jamie and I fully agree.
    I all my life, we all have weak moments, have been a kind, giving, grateful person who believes in ‘Pay it Forward’ and Intreat everyone the same whether a CEO or maintenance crew. We are all human, all worthy and food people at our core.
    Like a garden- we grow when we are nurtured…🌸💕

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  6. Another wonderful post Jamie. It’s true that life is a mirror and what we put out we attract back to us. Focusing on my blessings is something I do every day. Take care. 🙏

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