Hi how are you all today? I hope you’re having an amazing day!! In my last blog I explained how I achieved massive self esteem to the point that I loved myself for the first time in my life and felt amazing. I also spoke about chasing your dreams and said I would explain something I learned about the brain. I’m going to explain it in the simplest way I possibly can.

The thing in your brain I wanted talk about is your reticular activation system, also know as your RAS. When you decide your going to chase your dreams no matter what your RAS system starts looking for ways to make it happen. It filters information around you and then shows you ways towards your dreams. In other words when you decide to chase your dreams, you do not need to know how to do it.

Just DECIDE you’re going to do it. Take the first step. Your RAS will help you find the way. Look at where you are, then look at where you want to go. Your dream for example. Write this down. In the middle of the page write down the resources and assets you already have that you can use to get there and what resources and assets you need to get. Everything you need to achieve your dreams is already inside you and any resources you don’t already have are out there waiting for you.

You just need to find them and your RAS will help you do this. You will be going for a walk and then you will get a sudden idea in your head. THEN JUST STOP AND WRITE IT DOWN. You usually have your phone in your pocket so write in the notes section. When you get home use that idea. This will inspire you and then you will start to get more ideas.

Remember this if nothing else please. “When chasing your dreams you do not need to know how to get there, you just need to believe you will get there.”

Then your RAS will help you find the way. Most people do not follow their dreams because they think they don’t know how to get there. Try this with a goal that you think is hard and make a decision that you will do it no matter what. Write the goal on a card and read it a minimum of 3 times daily. The more you read it the more you will believe you can achieve it and once you believe it your RAS will show you the way. I can describe the RAS a lot more in detail but I am trying to keep it simple for people who are broken and just need the help. My posts are to help people that feel completely shattered and broken and how they can use that pain to motivate themselves.

The power of your pain or trauma is so powerful you can either let it destroy you or harness that pain and create an energy that you’ve never had before. I did this myself and if you read my very first blog you will understand what I mean. If you haven’t been hit by much pain or trauma you can still use these methods to take your life to a whole new level too. I’m just trying to help the broken people out there. Anyone else is a bonus. For an example of what my dream is. (I want to help 1 million+ people use their pain to chase their dreams and feel amazing again. I am grateful to help one, but my main goal is to help over a million people). I have no idea how to do it. I just know I will and really believe I will. My RAS told me to start writing blogs.

Gee wiz guys, I didn’t even finish high school. No idea how to write a blog but I just started. Used the resources I had which was the internet and looked on YouTube how to create a blog. I did what it said and here I am having a go. I know I’ll find the way. Guys, recycle your pain and have a red hot go at chasing your dreams. You will be surprised at how talented you are. Use your gifts guys!

This is the thing; as you start making progress, you start to grow. And as you grow, you start to feel alive! In my next blog I am going to talk about Goal Setting. Thanks again for reading this blog. I hope it has helped you. If you don’t understand things I have said. Please leave a comment below and I will try my best to explain. Thanks again and have an amazing day!!


20 thoughts on “THE POWER OF THE RAS

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  2. You have an amazing way of breaking things down very simply yet clearly. I’m glad you followed my blog Jamie, as otherwise I wouldn’t have found you! Take care and happy blogging.

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      1. It’s just an award to celebrate bloggers. It is given by any blogger. And it’s a way of telling you that you are doing a good work on your blog.

        You can check out my post and read the rules 😃


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