How are you today? Thanks for taking the time to read my new blog post. Today I will talk about the magic of gratitude and how it changed my life. The day I decided to pull myself out of my pain and take on the world, I listened to a motivational speech on YouTube. It went for about 5 minutes and everything the video said made me think, “This is so true.” I also learnt that your subconscious mind is most impressionable in the first 20 minutes after you wake up in the morning. So I decided to listen to it every morning and have ever since. That is my first 5 minutes of my day after waking up. Then I think of 5 things I am grateful for and close my eyes and really FEEL grateful and say thank you for all of them. The magic of doing this repetitively changes your subconscious mind and you become a grateful person and I’ve been told on many different motivational tapes that “The more you’re grateful for, the more things you will have to be grateful for.” I’m not worried what people think of me so I’ll tell you this story. This is an example (My mums friend has a lot of money and dresses very well. He gave my mum a bag of very expensive, good quality clothing. (Hand me downs). And I dropped in to say hello to mum and she showed me the bag and said she was giving it to her brother. I said,
“those clothes are amazing Mum.” She said “you can have them” because she said her brother wouldn’t appreciate them. I tried them on and they were amazing and I nearly had a tear in my eye and she could see how much I appreciated them. She told her friend that hands them down to her how happy I was about the clothes. Cut a long story short; at the time I had no car, he had a Mercedes Benz he didn’t drive much and it’s worth at least $7000. He gave it to me and said when you get your tax back give me $3000 for it. I am not kidding. The power of gratitude is unbelievable. Think about it!! If you were to give something to somebody you would give it to somebody that would appreciate it and thank you from the heart. I felt so blessed. Guys, the point I’m trying to say is start practicing gratitude for what you have and stop focusing on what you don’t have and you will receive more things to be grateful for. Look on YouTube. Type in “thank you motivation” and it will be one of the first ones and it goes for about 5 mins. Listen to it every morning first thing before you do anything else and really focus on it. Then think of 5 things you are really truly grateful for. Even if you feel deeply depressed and think you have nothing. Just think of the roof over your head. Be grateful that you have a bed to sleep in. Be grateful you have food on the table etc, and do it daily. Once you’ve done it 10+ times you will start walking out the door for work or whatever you do so much happier. It happened to me. I’ve never stopped doing it but I recommended at least 60 days straight so it sinks in to your subconscious mind and it will help change some damaging beliefs. This stuff really works so please guys, if you’re in a really bad place now try this. You will thank me later. In my next blog I’m going to talk about how I went from having extremely bad self esteem to having the best self esteem I’ve ever had. I feel like a million dollars. I started to walk differently, talk differently and I felt amazing. Goodluck guys! I really hope you at least just try what I’ve recommended. You will never feel amazing in one day but if you give it time; 20 to 30 days, you will start to change. Guys please stay safe and I hope you read my next blog. I hope you have an amazing day. Thank you again for reading this blog!!!! This is the link to the YouTube clip I suggest you listen to first thing in the morning.

Thanks again for reading my blog post guys.


23 thoughts on “THE MAGIC OF GRATITUDE

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  2. I’ve kept a gratitude journal for about the last eight years. Every night before I go to sleep I write in it. And no matter what’s going on in my life I find there’s always something to be grateful for. It’s a wonderful way to give thanks and end each day. Gratitude is everything. 🙏

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  3. I practice “Three Blessings” which I learned reading a book called “Flourish” by Martin Seligman. Every night before I go to bed, I write three things that I’m thankful for that happened that day. Then, I write the explanation of why it happened. According to Seligman, he used this exercise with his students at U Penn and with his patients, and after six months found it to be as effective as antidepressants! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this.

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  4. Thank you Jamie for showing interest in my blog because it lead me here to you! You have discovered the power of gratitude, it’s actually biblical. Being grateful and giving thanks in all things. I am always amazed at when people make a commitment to being grateful in all things how exciting things happen.
    Last night I heard the phrase self-perpetuating optimism. I think what they are talking about is gratitude, it changes how we think, how we deal with others, and how others respond to us.
    I wish you a day of happy surprises! – David

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  5. Despite all that’s going on currently, there is much to be grateful. Years ago I learned the lesson to wake up and note what you are grateful for (just like you’re doing) and again when you go to bed, think of all that you were grateful for during the day. It made all the world in my life that was more than challenging at the time. Thank you for sharing this post and for swinging by the “Ranch” and for the follow. We 💙and are grateful for visitors!

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    1. Thank you so much. See I just learnt something too. I do the morning gratitude but not before bed so thank you for your insight. I know how much gratitude has changed my life so I will take any advice when it comes to gratitude. I’ll will start doing this before bed too. Thank you

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